Choosing Male Costumes

Here I am with Raymond, who miraculously knew the entire stock of this huge place and exactly where every item was! We're making sure we have the correct period and everything to complete the costume, coat, trousers, shirt, vest, neckwear and sometimes tights, gun or sword.

Helping Male Model Dress

They really didn't need much help except for wrapping a long neck scarf high on the throat and tying in a small bow in front for historical costumes (they had never worn such a thing) and making sure trousers were tucked neatly into boots.

Helping Female Model Dress

The first thing to make sure of was a very good push up bra for low cut dresses. In former periods, ladies did this same thing with corsets and padding to create the alluring cleavage. Some dresses needed to be zipped up in back (from the model's expression, it looks like this one was a little tight!) Most needed a clip on the back to pull them in to fit and the models often needed help in getting their hair piled up high and selecting the right jewelry.

Explaining Job to Models

It's very difficult for models to "just pose" without any idea of what they're supposed to do. I always tell them a little about the story, the roles they're playing and whether these are to be romantic or very sexy poses.

Directing Photography Shooting

That's Bob Osonitsch, the best photographer in the business, behind the camera. After telling him the color background I want, lighting, the eye level and wind direction if needed, he sets everything up - platforms, chairs, wooden horse, etc. There's only a plain paper backdrop for the shooting which later is transformed into a fabulous period room or landscape.

Directing Models in Shooting

Since they can't see themselves I help them strike the right pose for the original sketch, and then we try innovating and letting them move into various positions. It's very difficult to notice that the dress may not be falling as it should, and other details, while you're concentrating on the heads, hands and expressions. So we take many shots very fast while they move, to choose from later.

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