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Shipping charge is the same for one or more prints going to same address.

Information About the Prints

These prints are the highest quality custom photographic replicas made directly from Gignilliat's oil paintings, for the closest possible match to the originals, at an affordable cost. Unsigned prints are $79.00. Signed and/or Incribed prints are $99.00.

You may order using check, money order, or credit card. There is an order form at the bottom of this page for your convenience or you may order directly online using our secure server which encrypts your card number to protect it while the information is in transit.
All book covers, of necessity, are filled with lettering, type, borders, design elements and bar codes, etc. The image is often severely cropped off and, of course, greatly reduced in size. The original paintings are much larger. Many book covers are also very off in color.
Your print will be clear of all these elements, a true replica suitable for framing. Paper size 16" x 20". Actual print size will conform to the proportions of the original paintings, will be approximately three times the size of a book cover, and close to the size of the originals.
There is a great difference between this quality print and that of mass-produced prints, which can be made very cheaply, but vary widely in color and quality. You may have noticed that even in expensive art books, the same famous painting can look very different from one book to another.
The print you order will be taken directly from the original oil painting and carefully matched to it. It will be video analyzed, hand enlarged, color corrected, cropped if requested, darkened or lightened in any areas where needed, and printed on a matte surface.
The print will be sent first to the artist for approval as to color and quality matching the original painting. After final approval, the print will be packaged flat and delivered to you.
Because it is a special order, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. We believe you will be delighted by the quality and fine detail of these prints, but if you wish to return them for any reason, please send in original packaging, to Elaine Gignilliat for a full refund.

Order Form If Paying By Check, Money Order or Credit Card

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