Creating a Book Cover

Research Materials

The photographer obviously used whatever was at hand. It certainly isn't any of my material. Looks like material from National Geographic. I spent hundreds of hours in the wonderful New York Library picture collection, and going through my own library, which contains hundreds of picture books on every possible subject I could ever need, or just want. I love beautiful books!

Model Head Shots

Also put in by photographer. I had a much better source, all the books from Ford, Wilhemina, Zoli, etc. in color showing not just the large head shot but figures with several shots of the model and the model's measurements, hair and eye color. Height is very important, because most of the girls, who also do fashion modeling, are very tall. I want the male model to be taller, otherwise he has to stand on a platform, next to the girl, and this limits his movement somewhat.

Selecting Costumes

This is a huge warehouse of a place in New York containing thousands of costumes from all periods. They get some of them from Broadway productions and movies, and some are authentic clothes from other periods. They have armor, swords, guns, everything you can imagine from all periods throughout world history.

Fitting Female Costumes

I spent hours at a time, trying dozens of costumes on the mannequin complete with crinolines for some dresses until I found the best one for a book.

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